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But We Are the Set Apart Ones.

"But we are the set apart ones."

I hear these words and am instantly righted. Our citizenship is not here. We are to love and serve and impact - but we are forever and always to be different. 
Set apart. 
Yes, always human but with Supernatural power. 
Set apart.
A unique kind of political.
A different version of financially responsible and secure. 
An unearthly brand of selfless and otherworldly variety of loving. 
Possessing a unique and indestructible joy and peace. 
Set apart. 
So what does it mean when our political persuasions trump our understanding - no our conviction - of right and wrong? 
Or when our 401K's and Money Market accounts - our "rainy day" savings - keep us someday generous but tightfisted and borderline greedy, now.  
When our property-line disputes mirror our border security and protecting mine becomes the noble fight? What is selfless in marking it ours when we know nothing has been truly earned and all has been freely and generously give…

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