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He is still good.

Somedays are harder than others. Somedays we need to know we haven't been forgotten. That we are valuable.
And, mostly - loved

Loneliness haunted me throughout much of my childhood. I waited for comfort and security that never came. Like a watchman longing for a sun that never rose - the nights were unbearably long. I waded through a dense fog of pain and fear for much of my formative years. 

Not quite twenty years into adulthood, I have worked hard to allow my God to lift the fog of hopelessness. To let him remind me, daily, of his love and of my worth. But, I confess that when the nights of suffering grow long, I struggle. I am quick to question my worth. I question the depth of my God's love. But mostly - his goodness. You see, as if on cue - whenever something unexpectedly bad happens I question. I don't know why. He has proven time and time again his goodness. I have tested the soundness of his love. In my most unlovable state He never…

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