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Finding Healing in Ukraine

Each morning, since returning from Ukraine, I make my way to this familiar spot. And each morning, in this same spot, I have found that I am in search of new words. I look for the words that will describe those experiences and these amazing people. I try to pick just one story - of so many - to relay. But each one flows into the other, making them nearly impossible to separate. Like roots in a system feeding the larger bloom, they converge to create the whole of my experience. Most morning, I give up. Unable to describe, in words, even one single event. But today, I am determined. Today, I must try to tell just one. And then tomorrow, maybe another will come. At least, that's what I hope. Because I know you'll be blessed. I know, you need to hear. But mostly because - I know,  I need to tell you.

    The drive to Vinnytsia was one of the most beautiful I have experienced. Field upon field of enormous and vibrant sunflowers lined the highway. Overcome with awe and excitement, we…

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